Premix Burner Systems

CX Series

Special design for Ovens, Pastry ovens, Boilers, Paint drying cabins and application with combustion chambers !

CombHEX CX series Premix Burners, using premix technology,
provides high efficiency with high modulation rates and low
flue gas emissions.

With its proportional (modulating) and single stage (ON / OFF)
operating features, it fits your process. It also offers connection
facilities with automation systems.

Thanks to the high quality and specially designed Metal Fiber
combustion heads, it creates a smooth flame form and guarantees
homogeneous combustion at all times. Another advantage of the
combustion heads calculated according to the capacity is that it
prevents flame flashback (the flame escaping back into the
combustion head).

With the design suitable for the combustion chamber, it prevents
events such as local warming, damage and missing combustion
in the combustion chambers. Compared to other burners, the sound
level is quite low.

It is used in many places such as boilers-condensing boilers,
hot air heaters, ovens, bread and pastry ovens, nuts ovens,
paint booths.

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