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CombHEX manufactures environmentally friendly, low emission, high efficiency premix burner and combustion systems using the latest known combustion technologies and top quality components.

We bring a new perspective to the combustion systems used in processes that require heat in the industry. CombHEX is one of the industrial production facilities, machine manufacturers, boiler and burner manufacturers; Tailor-made (designed specifically for the process) designs compact, reliable and long-life premix combustion systems to reduce energy costs, reduce environmental adverse effects from high emissions and reduce maintenance costs of its systems, and produce on-site solutions.

We aim to satisfy our customers by replacing old technology, environmentally friendly and low-efficiency combustion systems with the latest technology, compact, environmentally friendly, highly efficient and at the same time low-cost systems. Because, so in terms of energy use and costs, which is also dependent on foreign engineering and design within the meaning of Turkey; By succeeding in reducing foreign dependency, we will have achieved our most basic goal.

Success for CombHEX, leading industries with passionate and determined stance in this vision by; increasing dependency on the environment, optimizing energy costs and dependence on foreign and more active by relying on domestic engineers and businessmen to see their vision and support them to be visible. We believe that Turkey's dependence on foreign when it reduces these issues and more proudly, with the prestigious businessmen countries that have a greater voice in the combustion industry and related sectors around the world will be included.

Being UNIQUE, COMPACT and COST EFFECTIVE. When we look at the sector today and yesterday, I think that these three features that players in the sector are looking for will determine the future of the industry. When we look at the development curves of technology, we can see that this trend is also in question for all sectors.

CombHEX's vision is to support companies that are solution partners while developing their own processes and products, to enable their partners to design special, compact and cost-effective systems and expand their product range by increasing their know-how.

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